The carry-on that won’t crush clothes

With the rate at which carry-on luggage is constantly evolving, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. While carry-on suitcases render checked baggage unnecessary, there are obvious shortcomings when it comes to travelling with additional clothes or items that don’t fold or roll well in regular carry-on luggage.

The ultimate carry-on, the SkyRoll Spinner may look like a standard carry-on suitcase but incorporates a garment bag for longer or more formal clothes. Rather than taking up space in the suitcase itself, this then wraps around the exterior of the bag, adding additional capacity.

With a dedicated internal laptop or tablet sleeve and matching toiletries kit, simply pack as you usually would, placing any delicate or longer garments in the hang bag. Once you’ve closed your case, lie the hang bag flat on the bed and wrap around the suitcase before securing with the three clips at the end.

With consistent five-star reviews, the SkyRoll Spinner isn’t exactly cheap, but it is cost effective, when you consider all the checked baggage fees you’ll avoid in future!

RRP: US$299 from SkyRoll – sadly, not available in Australia yet but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time.

Written by SJ


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