The must-have app for solo travel

There are countless benefits to travelling on your own; however, a downside is the increased concern when it comes to safety. Particularly for women.

As a solo traveller who also happens to be a woman (at least at times) I recently found myself alone in Majorca – a fact I was entirely happy with until darkness descended and I found myself gripping my handbag and walking fast enough to qualify for the Olympics. While clearly this may have been unnecessary, when any solo traveller is in unfamiliar territory you just don’t know how safe or, in some cases, unsafe you are. Where is the line between safe and shady areas?

This is exactly where GeoSure comes in. With the mission of making every street in the world as safe as possible, they’ve made the most of smart and real-time data to produce granular city safety ratings.

Drawing from an impressive range of sources including Interpol, other crime-fighting agencies, country and city crime stats, international and human rights organisations, and private and proprietary data feeds, these statistics are then combined with shared intelligence from GeoSure’s global community, home truths if you will, leaving you with a location-specific security score.

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Rating nearly every city in the world with a population of over 100,000, their next project is to rate every neighbourhood in every city. With their global safety ratings taking into account six critical categories: overall security, physical harm, theft, basic freedoms, disease and specific threats to women’s safety, they believe no one has ever provided this level of detailed urban safety ratings before. We don’t doubt them.

A must-have app for any traveller, but in particular, solo and women travellers. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

RRP: Free from the App Store or Google Play.

Find out more at GeoSure Global and be sure to share this discovery with your loved ones.

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