The perfect one-night getaway

Need a break but can’t afford the time away? Or maybe you’ve got some money saved for a trip, but not enough for a long holiday. Sometimes you just need a quick break to get away from it all and recharge.

You don’t have to stay away for weeks at a time to relax or to reconnect with your partner. A quick getaway can often be just as rewarding. And, if you do it right, you can do it often.

Here are five suggestions for a perfect one-night getaway.

Head into town

Find the nicest hotel in town and treat yourself to a luxury night out. All the money you’d save on transport, transfers and all the time you’d save on packing and planning can be poured into the perfect night on the town. Keep an eye out for high-end hometown hotel deals and splurge. Bring a bottle of bubbles, some nice chocolates, bubble bath and bathrobes, book a table at a high-rise restaurant, hit the night market – whatever your fancy – just set yourself up for a night you’ll remember.

Country break or city sojourn

If you live in the country, take our high-end hotel advice and live it up for a night. If you live in town, head down to the coast or hit the road for the country. Book a folksy bed-and-breakfast by the beach or a quaint cottage in the hills. Find the best restaurant around and book a table. Ask the hotel or Bed and Breakfast hosts for a dining recommendation or pack yourself a perfect plate of nibbles and a nice bottle of vino.

Go bush

No, we don’t mean camp out, although if that’s your thing … We’re talking about renting a secluded cabin in the rainforest region or in the woods. Set up a table outside or bring a picnic blanket and sit down to a candlelight dinner by yourself or with your loved one. If your cabin has a hot tub on the deck, strip down and enjoy the fact that no one can see you. Don’t forget the music, or you could just enjoy the sounds of nature.

Cruise to nowhere

Many cruise lines offer one, two or three-night sample cruises that leave port and go nowhere. Seek out the spa or book a speciality dining experience. Dance the night away on the top deck or just swim around ‘neath the starry sky. Not only is it a great night out, but you get to see what the vessel is like for a longer cruise in the future.

You may also be able to do this with a local charter yacht, or with some small vessels that offer dinner deals, where you’ll sail out of the harbour and enjoy a seafood dinner at sea before heading back into port the same night.

Stay in

Getting away for the night may be tricky for some, so why not stay in? Switch off your phone, turn out the lights, get out the candles and the bubbly and order a nice meal, or set up some fairy lights on the back deck and pre-prepare a plate of luxe munchies. Then finish your evening with chocolate fondue (or nice ice-cream) and rent a rom-com. Sometimes getting out of your head while staying at home can be just as rejuvenating as a holiday away from home.

Do you have any suggestions for one-night getaways? Why not share them with our members?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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