The perfect travel toiletry bag

Anyone who’s ever had a shampoo or toothpaste spillage knows the trials and tribulations of travelling with toiletries. Somewhat of an essential when you are heading away, often in the end the best solution is to put each toiletry in a plastic bag and hope for the best.

Thankfully there’s finally a better, and easier, option. The Barrel Cosmetics Travel Bag looks like a mini-sleeping bag from the outside. So obvious it’s almost painful, the barrel design means that all your bottles and liquids can stand up as they would in your bathroom. With a drawstring top to close, the main barrel compartment has three mesh pockets and four elastic loop slots to secure toiletries so there’s no danger of any unexpected spillages.

barrel toiletry bag

Made of waterproof polyester filled with shockproof cotton for added protection, there’s also a removable, small zippered pouch for all your small or delicate items and a PVC pouch for any make-up brushes or your toothbrush.

Simply stuff your barrel full, pull the drawstring tight to close, place in your bag and away you go. Enough to make other toiletry bags look poorly designed, this is a bit of a no-brainer for anyone who travels often.

RRP: $7.86 plus shipping from Ali Express or Amazon.

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Written by SJ


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