The perfect travel toothbrush

Travelling doesn’t have to mean you give up your lifestyle – or your winning smile. If you’re one of the many who have become accustomed to the use of an electric toothbrush, you no longer have to fear leaving the luxury behind when you go abroad.

This is a Violife Style Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush. It costs $30 on Amazon, weighs less than 71g and stands at 17cm tall. It comes with two replaceable brush heads, each lasting six months, a vented cap so you won’t have to worry about storage and delivers 22,000 brush strokes to your teeth per minute. It operates on a triple A battery and is currently the world’s best-selling sonic toothbrush, having sold over three million brushes.

Don’t sacrifice your teeth for the sake of travel. Have your cake and eat it too – just don’t forget to brush afterwards!

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Written by Liv Gardiner

Writer and editor with interests in travel, lifestyle, health, wellbeing, astrology and the enivornment.

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