The ring your smartphone needs

Smartphones come in handy for many reasons when travelling. Whether it’s taking high quality images, navigating your way around a new city using maps, translating a foreign language or Googling where to have lunch – the list goes on.

Walking around with your smartphone in your hand is not highly recommended, however. If you’re anything like me, butter fingers, this only increases the risk it will be dropped, drowned, smashed, stolen or lost.

Thankfully, while on my most recent trip to Madrid, I picked up a gadget that seemingly solves this problem. Genius in its simplicity, I’ve done the research and found the same thing in Australia so you can get yourself one, too.

Aptly named the iRing, this is the latest in smartphone security. With adhesive technology, simply stick the iRing on the back of your smartphone at a height that allows one of your fingers to slide through so you are wearing it as a ‘ring’ whilst holding your phone.

Securely holding up to 6.8kg, you can also use it on tablets and iPads. The design is slim and compact with the ring rotating 360 degrees and swivelling 180 degrees. This allows it to easily fold back down when not in use.

The benefits are numerous, with the added security allowing you to take better pictures at any angle as well as holding your smartphone without any danger of it dropping, drowning, smashing or being stolen. The iRing doubles as a kickstand allowing your phone to stand up so you can watch or read sans hands. It even comes with a hook so you can ‘hang’ your smartphone on surfaces such as dashboards or the back of the seat in front of you.

Easily removed without leaving any residue, iRing can be washed in water when dirty and reapplied over and over.

One small but mighty gadget, I can guarantee this will change the way you use your smartphone. Tried and tested, it comes in particularly handy when travelling.

RRP: from $19.99 at iRing Australia.

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Written by SJ


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