The Robin Hood of hotel booking

An online accommodation booking platform referring to itself as ‘Robin Hood’, which claims to be cheaper than any known online travel agency (OTA), has arrived in the Asia-Pacific region, reports Travel Weekly.

“Robin Hood took money from the rich to give to the poor,” said Bidroom co-founder Michael Ros.

“Bidroom eliminates commissions and returns value to travellers. The online hotel booking forest is now a better place to take a trip.”

bidroom hotel booking website

Bidroom charges zero commissions and has a primary mission “to serve as a fair alternative to the online booking market, which is currently defined by excessive OTA commissions that hurt hotel bottom lines”.

Launched in 2014 in the Netherlands, Bidroom offers 125,000 hotel properties in 128 countries. Hotels listed on Bidroom pay no commission. Instead, they pay fees after a certain number of bookings have been made.

“This substantial saving is shared with the online frequent traveller, who will subsequently be paying a guaranteed lowest-available price,” explained Mr Ros.

“Bidroom is demonstrably cheaper than all known OTAs. The result is also a significant margin of financial improvement for hoteliers.”

Frequent travellers who pay a membership fee to join Bidroom then have access to special room rates, as well as additional benefits such as last-minute deals, premium wifi, late check-out, welcome drinks and restaurant discounts.

Have you heard of Bidroom? Have you used it? Did you receive good room rates?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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