The top five travel gadgets of 2018

This year we’ve covered a wide range of travel gadgets, from apps, towels, toiletries, sea-sick goggles and even Tinder! But looking back on the year here are the top five travel gadgets from 2018 – according to you.

5. The one travel companion you need

As many will know, a travel guide can be one of the best companions abroad, especially for those going solo. The problem with guide books, though, is that once everyone has read them, they’re all heading to the same places. So, seasoned traveller and contributor, SJ, recommends The Solo Travel Handbook. Rather than tell you ‘where’, it tells you how, allowing you to make your own independent and savvy choices about accommodation, bookings, money, meeting people and much more, so you can walk your own path.

4. An essential item to take onboard your next flight

Not only is a scarf a stylish accessory that can dress up any boring (or comfy) outfit, it’s also an essential item to take onboard your flight. This infinity scarf is not just for warmth and comfort, it also carries a hidden surprise … an inbuilt inflatable travel pillow!

3. Never be given fake money again

You would be forgiven for not realising that fake bank notes are more common than you think. All too often we don’t realise we’ve been duped until we try to pay with a dodgy dollar bill – by that point, we don’t know if we should feel more foolish or angry. This simple and effective UV Mini Money Detector promises to reveal the authenticity of euros, stirling and American dollar bank notes, to keep you from being the butt of a scam.

2. The three best duffel bags

It could be because of the comfort, practicality or the potential for extra packing space, but duffel bags are becoming the new must-have travel accessory. They’re durable, reliable and seem to be replacing the hard suitcase as a traveller’s new best friend.

1. The worst shoes for travel

Experienced travellers tell us time and again that by far the most important items to take abroad are a good pair of shoes. While, they can be heavy and bulky, choosing comfortable kicks can be one of the most important (and challenging) decisions of what to pack for a trip. To help you get your bags packed, we compiled a list of the five worst shoes to take travelling and our suggested alternatives.

What were your favourite travel gadgets of 2018? Will you be taking any of our top five on your next overseas adventure?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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