The world's first 'museum of hangovers' has opened in Croatia

The Museum of Hangovers – set up, inevitably, by students – is an homage to pounding headaches, alcoholic antics and patchy memories, and is filled with objects acquired during various hangover-causing adventures.

Founder and director Rino Dubokovic was swapping stories with friends in a local bar when inspiration struck, thanks mostly to a gripping tale involving a pier, some tram rails, and a broken bike pedal. “As my friend was telling his story, I thought of a great idea,” he recalls, “a place or collection where all these objects could come together with their stories.”

The objects, from the offending bike pedal to mattresses and stop signs, have been spread through a series of themed areas, meant to recreate “the zig-zaggy walk home from the bar”. Visitors are led through a graffiti-covered ‘street room’, a ‘mirror room’ representing shopfronts, a ‘garden room’, and a potentially rather grim ‘messy room’.

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The museum’s halls act as a directory of hangover stories – submitted by visitors or sent in by hungover souls all over the world – documenting amusing and embarrassing escapades on message boards and walls.

Interactive activities include balance altering specs known as ‘drunk goggles’, an opportunity to play so-called ‘drunk darts’, and a set of ‘drinkopoly’, a drinking game inspired by the tabletop classic.

For the avoidance of doubt, the museum advises visitors to drink responsibly, and plans soon to include a section on the “other side of alcohol” – warning visitors of the consequences should their boozing go too far.

It’s not the first unusual museum to grace the Croatian capital – Zagreb already hosts the Museum of Torture, the Museum of Illusions, and the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Entry to the Museum of Hangovers costs €5.3 ($8) and visitors must be at least 13 years old. You can share your own hungover stories via the museum’s website – those that don’t find a place on the premises will be shared on the museum’s blog.

Do you have a good hangover story? Do you enjoy visiting unusual museums while travelling?

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