Things you shouldn't do on a plane

From bare feet to being rude to cabin crews, there are just some things you should never do on a plane, for your sake and for the sake of people around you.

Today’s travel video lists 10 plane taboos that could have you booted from your flight, or at least become the subject of scorn from your fellow passengers.

Have you committed any of these passenger faux pas? Has anyone on your flight ever done so? How did you react?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

Leon Della Bosca has worked in publishing and media in one form or another for around 25 years. He's a voracious reader, word spinner and art, writing, design, painting, drawing, travel and photography enthusiast. You'll often find him roaming through galleries or exploring the streets of his beloved Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, sketchpad or notebook in hand, smiling.


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