Time to end the armrest wars

We’re all familiar with it: the unspoken war over the middle armrest on a plane. It must be half the reason people line up early at the gate, eyeing off one another, wondering who their competitor will be.

You shuffle down the aisle, determined to lay claim to that sacred middle ground first. But alas, you spot them. They’re sitting in the seat next to yours, smirking smugly as their hand grips the end of the armrest so hard their knuckles are white. You smile at one another passively. Then you wait.

After a few hours, they break and head to the bathroom. Time to strike.

They return to find you sporting your fake, innocent smile, and look down, shattered to realise that in their absence you’ve duct taped your forearm to the divider.

Well, no longer.

Introducing the Soarigami Airplane Portable Armrest Extender Divider. It might sound – and look – a little ridiculous, but this device might just keep the peace between neighbouring travellers.

It fits onto almost all plane armrests; is between 38mm and 70mm wide, weighs less than 230g and folds away conveniently. It’s made from recyclable plastic, won’t dig in to your arm and provides you and your fellow flyer with much needed personal space.

If you’re well and truly tired of the most common in-flight fight, this could be the gadget for you.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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