Tokyo: the city of cool

Often overlooked in favour of the more obvious holiday destinations of Europe and America, Japan is one of the last remaining cultures which has nothing to prove and everything to admire. Tokyo gives New York City a run for its money as the ‘city that never sleeps’, with shops open until 11pm most nights. A city where everyone still embraces their individuality is hard to come across today, but in Tokyo dressing remains an extension of one’s personality. Despite the hustle and bustle of city life, one of the standout qualities of Tokyo is the beautiful nature of its people.

Counting coins
On a budget? You won’t be bored in Tokyo. For the price of a coffee visit Starbucks in Shibuya where you can head to the second floor and take an aerial shot of Shibuya crossing – for the money shot, go at night. Head to Harajuki, best on Sundays, and admire one of the last organic street style cultures of the world. Join Japanese teens bounding down Takeshita-Dori and the tourists trailing them for a glimpse, and hopefully photographic evidence, of the elusive Harajuki girl. People watching can be hungry work, join the locals and queue for a crepe with nutella and cream, when in Tokyo!

Some Yen to spend
Nestled in Shibuya, Genki Sushi puts any other sushi train to shame. Seated at your own ‘station’ you begin by ordering your sushi off a tablet. Before you can even help yourself to the free green tea and water your sushi has appeared after being whizzed to you on a mini motorised tray. For less than $10 both the experience and food are a steal. Relax on the manicured grass of Shinjuku Park for the mere price of $2 or head to Yoyogi Park where you can visit the shrine for free, as well as watching martial arts in the old Olympic village.

Cash to splash
One word, shopping. Shibuya and Shinjuku are well worth a walk around but the real contender here is Ginza. With six major shopping complexes and department stores, not to mention Central Avenue with all its flagship stores, Ginza is the epitome of shop til you drop. Teppanyaki Ten in Shibuya and Ginza is a dinner you’ll never forget. Sit at the hot plate and watch as your skilled chef slices, dices flicks and occasionally throws your meal together in front of your eyes. 

Written by SJ