Top 19 travel experiences

Global media giant CNN has published a collection of the top 19 most amazing travel experiences in the world. Calling for readers to ‘scrap all those other bucket lists’ the list features a range of crazy, fun and exclusive activities.

Australia features twice, thanks to Richard Branson’s Makepeace Island in the middle of Queensland’s Noosa River, which is available for exclusive rental. We also get a mention for Ayers Rock Helicopter Outback Tour. Across the ditch, New Zealand’s Shotover Jet Boat experience down Queentown’s narrow canyons also made the cut.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Swimming with clue whales (Sri Lanka)
  2. Luxury island-hopping (Thailand)
  3. Tour of North Korea
  4. Buffalo round up (South Dakota)
  5. Dog mushing (Canada)
  6. 250K VIP package (Las Vegas)
  7. Serengeti balloon safari (Tazania)
  8. Saharan heli-desert trip (Morocco)
  9. Gorilla tracking (Uganda)
  10. Michelin mountain dining (Italy)
  11. Maestro in the Making (Austria)
  12. Celebrity in Cannes (France)
  13. Galapagos cruise (Ecuador)
  14. Journey to End of World (Patagonia)
  15. Luxury Amazon cruise (Peru)
  16. Outback helicopter tour (Australia)
  17. Jet boat tour (New Zealand)
  18. Renting Makepeace Island (Australia)
  19. Ski and sled to the centre of Antarctica


For more information on each experience visit CNN

Have you crossed any of these experiences off your bucket list? Do you think there are any that CNN have overlooked? What was your most amazing travel experience so far?

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