Top summer holiday destinations

Summer holidays are fast approaching, but if you want to escape the crowds, here are five destinations which offer great travel adventures.

South America

If you’re planning on a South American sojourn, December to March is a good time to head to Argentina and Brazil. Although it will undoubtedly be hot, most of the locals will have beaten a retreat to the beach, meaning that the usually over-crowded cities are a little easier to move around. You’re also more likely to bag a hotel bargain with higher than usual occupancy rates in city accommodation.

South African safari

Not only is summer the time when South Africans take their holidays and vacate the cities, it’s also when the watering holes are full and the baby animals are taking their first steps. Lush green scenery and an abundance of migratory birds make a summer safari well worth taking; just don’t forget your sunscreen.

New Zealand

You don’t have to travel far to experience different type of summer holiday. Simply jump across the Tasman to New Zealand and take a trip around the South Island, enjoy the tranquillity of the Milford Sound, relax in the laid-back atmosphere of the larger cities or cruise the Bay of Island for a truly tropical experience.


When taking a holiday to the extreme ends of the Earth, you have to choose your timing wisely. Summer is really the only time to visit the southern-most tip of the world, with December and January providing the warmest temperatures and longest nights, while February and March offer the best opportunity to see whales in their natural habitat.


Summer in Australia can be hot and sticky, as well as bush fire season being in full swing, so you need to choose your destination wisely. Heading for the beach is a typical holiday pastime, but it can mean that the most popular spots are absolutely heaving. However, there are several beaches which don’t attract the hoards and are well worth seeking out. Consider South Ballina Beach which is so long you’ll be lucky to see another person, or Troubridge Island, off the coast of Yorke Penninsula, where you can book the lighthouse-keeper’s cottage and you can have the island to yourself.

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