Top tips for a better beach day


What’s more Australian than popping on the thongs, packing an Esky and heading down to the beach for the day? Well, only taking along some snags and throwing them on the barbie while you’re there!

Here are 10 tips to make your next day at the beach a lot better.


1. Know your sunscreen
There are two common types of sunscreen. Which one is better for you?

  • Chemical sunscreen

    • acts like a sponge and absorbs the sun’s rays
    • provides more UVA protection.

  • Physical sunscreen

    • contains titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which act like a barrier deflecting the sun’s rays
    • Better for sensitive skin.


2. Do Sunscreen Right
Apply the equivalent of at least a full shot glass (30g) of sunscreen to dry skin at least 15 minutes before going outside, then again every two hours – and more often if you’re swimming.


3. Don’t forget these parts of your body
The top of your feet and the ears are often forgotten in the hurry to hit the waves. Make sure you sunscreen these sensitive areas, and, if your hair is thinning or you’ve shaved it off, the top of your head needs protection, too!


4. Baby powder is tops for removing sand from your body
An ample dose of baby powder sprinkled on sandy but dry bodies will make de-sanding a breeze.


5. Freeze food and fit in more cold drinks (i.e. beer)
Bugger the freezer blocks, freeze water bottles and fruit, and place the water bottles at the bottom of your Esky and the fruit along the top and you’ll have no need for bulky freezer blocks. Keeps your beer (or wine) cold and makes for a lighter load at the end of the day.


6. Even better …
Saturate a large dish sponge, freeze overnight in a ziplock bag, and you have an ideal icepack that won’t drip everywhere when it defrosts (and could come in handy for clean up, too).


7. Bring a bunch of shopping bags
They may be the bane of an environmentalist’s existence, but they will come in handy at the beach.


8. Ziplock bags are your best friend
Protect your wallet, smartphone and anything else that you don’t want to come into contact with sand and water. And you can still use your smartphone with wet hands through the plastic!


9. Make a spray bottle of diluted apple cider vinegar
You’ve probably heard about the internal health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but it also makes a great sunburn killer too. Simply spray it on for instant relief.


10. Clever thong placement
Put your thongs face down and they won’t burn your feet when you put them back on.


And have fun!


Do you have any brilliant beach tips? Why not share them with our members?


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