$1 Campervan deals!

If you have ever dreamed of heading off in a campervan to visit family or friends, or just wanted to explore Australia or New Zealand, $1 campervan relocations make it incredibly affordable, we even have two companies from which to choose!

Can you go on holiday at anytime and love the idea of hitting the open road? Then why not take advantage of a $1 campervan relocation, a great way of making travel affordable. Campervans are usually booked to be driven from A to B and from time to time they need to be relocated ready for the next pickup. Occasionally, companies need people to collect them.

Campervans from various locations across Australia and drive them to where they need them, giving you the opportunity to enjoy accommodation and car hire for only $1 per day (Please Note that you will need to pay for insurance charges you would if you were hiring a car).

These offers are updated randomly but regularly, so check every couple of days and grab yourself a cheap beak away. It is important to note that you cannot book these far in advance, only what is available on the website for the specific dates.

Start planning your next trip and see what Apollo have to offer.

Start planning your next trip and see what Stand By Relocs have to offer.

*Important* You are being given the keys to a vehicle that is worth close to $50,000 depending on the type you are receiving. With this in mind, just like if you were staying in a hotel, a bond will need to be paid upfront that is fully refundable at the end of the trip if all conditions are met. This bond is approximately $1000. Further more you will need to pay a booking fee of $25 and a holding fee of $50-$100, which will be refunded on pick up.