Tips for road travel over the holidays

With a little planning, Christmas on the road can be a breeze.

Christmas on the road

Are you going to be away from home and loved ones over the festive season? Here are some tips to make your celebrations as smooth as possible, but remember, the goal is often just to get away from it all, so keep it simple.

Before you leave, make sure you have your vehicle fully serviced. Have the brakes, battery, fluid levels, tyre pressure, light bulbs and any parts that need regular maintenance fully checked. Not only is it no fun to be stuck on the side of the road, but you may find it difficult (and costly) to find a qualified mechanic to come to your aid at this time of year. Investigate whether your vehicle is eligible for roadside assistance, for peace of mind you may wish to invest in a membership with RACV, RACQ or the equivalent organisation relevant to you.

Try to plan your trip so that you are driving early or late in the day, if possible, to avoid traffic congestion. Ensure you carry enough snacks and drinks with you, especially if you are planning to drive on Christmas and Boxing Days, as you may struggle to find anywhere open to buy supplies.

Download a traffic alert app, such as Snarl Traffic, onto your iphone or ipad to avoid any traffic holdups.

If you are planning on speaking with friends and loved ones on Christmas Day, make sure your laptop, phone and/or ipad is fully charged. Ensure that your settings are entered correctly to enable you to use your electronics to Skype or Viber to contact your loved ones.

Book your campsite or accommodation well in advance, as Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. If you feel the need for human contact on the day, many caravan parks, hotels and other service clubs, such as the Lions or Rotary have a Christmas lunch which you can attend.

If you are planning to prepare your Christmas feast yourself, Coles has a fantastic service – Coles Click and Collect. With locker fridges situated at selected Coles Express service stations around Australia, you can preorder your groceries ahead of time online. When your groceries are ready for collection a unique pin will be sent to electronically, to enter into the locker’s pin pad. Rather than endeavouring to keep your food fresh and chilled on the road, you can simply collect them at your destination.

Have you spent Christmas travelling on the road? Do you have any tips for fellow travellers?



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    Happy cyclist
    21st Dec 2016
    Yes, I have a tip: STOP SPEEDING and stop using your phone while driving. Sure we all would like to drive faster but like all the other laws that we don't like but which make for a civilised society, just do the right thing and then everyone can get to their destination safely.
    21st Dec 2016
    Despite what the artical may imply Do not drive when you would normally sleep.Getting up at an early hour or driving in to the night just to beat "The traffic " is flawed.
    Our bodys are programed (Circadian rhythm) to sleep at certain hours and their is plenty of info on the net supporting increasing accident risk at night particularly in regard to the inexperienced.Have a good Christmas all,(Dave the grey Nomad).

    21st Dec 2016
    I too am concerned with the advice "Try to plan your trip so that you are driving early or late in the day".

    As well as challenging the body's desire to sleep, dawn and dusk are the busiest times for wildlife on roads. Most roadkill occurs at those times.
    21st Dec 2016
    Unless a Semi comes into my Unit I'm Safe !! :-)
    Haven't been Anywhere at Christmas for 40 Years !! :-) :-)
    HOME SWEET HOME !! :-) :-)

    21st Dec 2016
    Just remember "It's better to arrive 10mins. late then DEAD on time "

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