Meet the locals

Trafalgar offers the unique opportunity to spend time with the locals. You can share in family traditions, local customs and make friends for life with a Be My Guest travel experience. 

Trafalgar offers Be My Guest experiences throughout Europe, North America and South America. These experiences not only give you the chance to dine with locals in their homes, but also to experience the true lifestyle as you join families during their working day.

In Europe you can spend the day with the charming Count Francesco Miari Fulcis at his family’s working olive farm in Florence. Or learn how to make butter and enjoy some craic with farmers and their wives at the Muckross Traditional Farms in Killarney, Ireland.

During a trip to North America you can live the life of a cowboy in the Montana countryside and enjoy a harmonica lesson around the campfire. A trip down Mexico way offers the chance to dine in the home of renowned chef David Sterling, who is only too happy to share his culinary secrets.

Be swept away with the passion of South America, where you can cook tasty empanadas in an Argentinian kitchen and drink a glass or two of some of the best vintage wines. In Peru Doctor Francisco Diez Canseco Tavara will guide you through his historic family home, before you sit down to a delicious home-cooked three-course meal.

Be My Guest experiences are offered as an excursion on selected Trafalgar guided holidays. For more information on experiences and holidays on offer, visit Trafalgar’s website.