East African Safari with a sophisticated spin

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Singita Sabora Tented Camp, located in a reserve spanning 350,000 acres in Tanzania’s Serengeti, will reopen in late September 2020 after a significant redesign of its luxury accommodation.

Singita, a conservation and ecotourism brand, has been committed to preserving Africa’s wildlife and wilderness for the past 27 years. Guests are offered exceptional safari experiences across four different countries and accommodation at 15 award-winning luxury camps. Singita has partnered with a number of non-profit organisations to achieve their 100-year purpose of protecting and preserving large areas of African wilderness for future generations.

Singita partnered with GAPP Architects and Cécile & Boyd to refurbish the tented camp, which mirrors the organic colours and aesthetic of the surrounding landscape to combine comfort and adventure. Singita Sabora has embraced the One Planet Living sustainability framework, evident in these off-the-grid suites. Built from sustainable materials, these tents use natural light, cross ventilation, solar power and energy efficient lighting to reduce their impact on the environment and the natural world just steps away. Meditate, doze or read in the shade of your own private deck as game wander past. Sophistication, simplicity, attention to detail and the unique East African spirit underpin the design of these luxurious, forward-thinking suites.

Singita is partnered with the Grumeti Fund, a conservation team committed to protecting the wildlife in the area, and with Serengeti Girls Run, a group working to empower girls in the rural community. Conservation and tourism work together to benefit the natural landscape, wildlife and the local community.

This camp combines the romance of under canvas camping and luxury, all the while offering you a unique view of spectacular African wilderness and wildlife. 

Have you dreamed of a once in a lifetime safari experience? Would you visit this Singita camp to witness the Great Migration up close and personal?

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