Rebranded TravelGlo to offer escorted NZ, Australia tours

But is it safe to travel in groups yet?

Rebranded TravelGlo to offer escorted NZ, Australia tours

The APT Travel Group has announced that its TravelGlo brand, which was originally introduced to offer budget rail journeys across Europe, will now offer escorted tours across Australia and New Zealand.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on travel, APT relaunched its TravelGlo brand, with the focus now on the new demand and interest in domestic travel, especially those still interested in the more affordable three-star market.

APT Travel Group chief executive David Cox said the relaunched brand still had the backing of one of the leading travel companies in the marketplace.

“People who choose to travel with TravelGlo will do so with the assurance that their holiday has been organised by the leaders in the industry,” Mr Cox said.

“And while we are delighted to be launching our Australia and New Zealand touring … there will be more on offer in the near future for TravelGlo, with Asia touring also being developed, as well as our European options currently available.”

There are five new journeys on offer in 2021, giving travellers the opportunity to see Australia and New Zealand in affordable comfort.

The journeys on offer include one across Tasmania, two in Western Australia and two in New Zealand (one North Island and one South Island). The departure dates range from January 2021 to November 2021.

In each destination, guests will have time to explore with freedom and the resources at hand to make sure they make the most of every moment.

TravelGlo guests will travel in Australia and New Zealand in tour groups of no more than 48 people (currently a maximum of 24 guests on Australian coaches) aboard comfortable air-conditioned coaches, stay in three or four-star accommodation and enjoy the services of an expert TravelGlo driver/guide.

TravelGlo trips will operate under the APT Travel Group’s flexible booking cover to provide additional assurance as well as the company’s safe travel protocols, which include pre-departure screening for all guests to ensure no high-risk passengers or crew are permitted to board.

Other safety protocols on the tours include restricting communal areas to fewer guests and increased cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.

Are you ready to go on a group tour next year? Where would you like to go?

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    17th Oct 2020
    48 people on a bus for hours is not maintaining social distancing. The current number of 24 is better but in a confined space is a recipe for potential disaster. You would want a double seat to yourself at a minimum plys compulsory mask wearing and cleaning at every stop.
    Until or unless there is a vaccine or some other immunity protocol, I would think a bus tour is still a risky activity. Go to NZ or Tasmania and hire a car and drive yourself (or get a driver). After all we should have learned by now it only takes one infected person to start an outbreak and given most people on bus tours tend to be older, you'd want to be very sure of who is travelling with you.
    17th Oct 2020
    After the way APT has treated many of it's customers who had trips cancelled as a result of Covid I would not travel anywhere with them. APT refused a full refund to customers who, due to no fault of their own, had their trip cancelled. APT insisted on keeping a large potion of the fare paid to cover "third party expenses" and they would not divulge who or what those expenses were. APT has destroyed the good reputation it once had.

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