Are there companies that specialise in singles travel?

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Pauline is ready to try her hand at solo travel but wants to know where to look for help.


Q. Pauline
I finally retired from the workforce late last year and I am now ready to enjoy the fruits of my labour by going to some of the faraway places I have always dreamed of visiting. I have been divorced from my husband for over a decade, so I will be travelling by myself. Are there any travel companies that are specifically set up to help travellers in my situation?

A. Congratulations on your retirement and for jumping straight into celebration mode and planning some well-deserved travel.

There are many travel companies that focus their attention on creating great experiences for solo travellers. Some will help you find a travel buddy before you go, while other companies will arrange group travel, so you don’t end up paying the single traveller supplement.

We’ll start by mentioning Encounter Travel, which won last year’s Solo Travel Award for companies offering solo only tours. Encounter Travel was founded on a simple idea; that solo travellers could join travel groups with like-minded travellers without being on the fringe of groups made up of couples. Back in 2006, they stepped in to fill the void for solo travellers, launching a travel company dedicated exclusively to solo travellers. They offer tours, cruises, resort packages and walking tours. Their travel offer includes age-matched groups primarily serving solo travellers 45 years and over.

Another company dealing exclusively with those travelling by themselves is Solo Traveller. Solo Traveller’s main mission is to offer singles various selected group tours to suit all budgets, while keeping the single supplement at a reasonable price. They offer holidays,  cruises, adventure holidays and accommodation for singles. You can either travel on a guaranteed twin share basis (the tour operator will match you with a companion of a similar age and gender, and if unable to find a match you will be allocated a single room for the twin share rate), or alternatively, should you prefer to have a single room, you can pay the relevant single supplement.

These two companies should give you plenty to ponder as you plan your retirement travel itinerary. Good luck!

Are you a solo traveller? What advice do you have for Pauline?

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    Another one that I have been away with is Twos A Crowd, they only take solos and no couples

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    I agree, Two’s a Crowd (based in Melbourne) were great for me on a solo trip to Vietnam.

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    Any good solo company travel within Aust.?

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    I have also travelled with G Adventures they also set you up with someone of a similar age and you share a room.

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    I belong to a Solo Travellers’ group through Travelabout Tours at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club in the Sydney sururb of Eastwood. They meet on the last Thursday of each month, and although I have only done one group tour to Melbourne with them, it was very enjoyable. You can choose to have your own room (for which you pay extra) or they can match you up with another single traveller to avoid the single supplement. The best part is that people in the group can chum up and go around together in their “free” days, or join in with group activities. Marlene is the contact person for the Solo Traveller group, phone number is 0298075188.

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    I highly recommend signing up for the free newsletter: Women on the Road:
    Always useful and filled with inspiration. I’ve been using her tips for years.



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