Ben at Brew in Brisbane

A sparky young 20-something, Ben brewed me the best coffee I have had for weeks.

Ben at Brew just made my day.

A sparky young 20-something, Ben brewed me the best coffee I have had for weeks, and delivered it with an award-winning smile.

I found Brew by Googling 'best coffee in Brisbane CBD'. Hey, not entirely original, I know, but it worked. Up came Urban Spoon, with a 92% YES vote for Brew, so I made my way there.

Lower Burnett Lane to see if the product lived up to the hype. Now Lower Burnett Lane may not make it onto your map of Brisbane (it sure wasn’t on mine), but since it's important you find this great spot, you need to know it is situated between Queen Street and Adelaide Street, a left turn off Albert. DO NOT, repeat do NOT turn right – you will simply end up on George Street, confused and caffeine-deprived.

Brew is a little strange looking as it occupies the end of the lane and this means you may well mistake it for a car park. But no, it's a café. Don't despair, either, at the toy chairs and tables outside (very cool for young onions but not my creaky hips). Venture further indoors, instead, where table service, real chairs and a delicious menu await.

What did I like so much about Brew, apart from young Ben's smile? The coffee is great – and I am the original coffee snob, so this is a big call. The café is unpretentious. The prices are low (you can actually have a meal for $15, normally unheard of in an Australian CBD). And Brew knows what it is—a hideaway, hole-in the-wall café that serves delicious coffee, great food, and offers that long forgotten added extra—hospitality. Go there before it 'grows up'!

Brew cafe & wine bar
P (07) 3211 4242
Lower Burnett Lane Brisbane City


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