A pampered pooch’s paradise

I will admit to being a dog owner who has been known to spoil my four-legged friend now and again. While I don’t go quite as far as dressing him up – he doesn’t even have a doggy coat – I do, on occasion, indulge his love of food.

Just a mere whiff of the fragrance emanating from The Diamond Dog Bakery is enough to have Hodgey, the moniker to which my dog sometimes answers, wagging his tail and jumping with delight. Before I’m lambasted for overfeeding my dog and not giving him a healthy diet, I would like to reiterate that a trip to bakery is a very occasional treat and that Hodgey does indeed enjoy a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

Situated in Bay Street, Brighton, Victoria, the bakery is a perfect walking distance from Dendy Park, which is a council off-leash area. Hodgey’s idea of a perfect morning would be a run around the park. Stealing balls from other dogs and refusing to give them back is his favourite game, followed by a walk to Bay Street for a drink of water and a doggy donut!

All products are made on the premises and use only ingredients which are healthy for dogs. For those not within walking distance of The Diamond Dog Bakery, it does offer an online shopping option.

For more information, visit The Diamond Dog Bakery.

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