Belgian Beer Cafe

Belgian beers and just as importantly the food that is served with them have long been a favourite of mine. The latest Belgian beer café that I have sought out is Oostende, in Adelaide.

Whether you favour the lighter, fruitier blonde beers, or the rich chocolaty dark beers, Oostende has a good selection that will keep you happy and occupied for a few hours. While Belgian beers may not be the cheapest variety of hoppy alcohol, they do make the splurge worthwhile and it’s nice to treat yourself and try something new now and again.

Eating at Oostende is just as enticing as drinking. There’s the typically Belgian fare such as mules mariner, or a delicious steak to accompanied by a deep, dark beer. There are also specials on offer most weeks, such as the $10 Lobster Mornay and $8 off the price of a main meal.

So the next time you’re in Adelaide and you’re looking for somewhere a little different to eat, why not pop in and give Oostende a try?

Belgian Beer Café
27-29 Ebenezer Place


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