Golf at the top of the world

Not a golfer myself, I left the trials of Hamilton Island Golf Club to my husband and son. You’ll never believe how many balls they lost!

“Designed by champion golfer, Peter Thomson, the par 71 championship Hamilton Island Golf Club on neighbouring Dent Island measures 6,120 metres and is the only championship island golf course in Australia.”

I read the above summary and thought that this sounds like a bit of fun for myself, my son and a mate. I’ve played some of the most famous and toughest links golf courses all over the UK in the worst conditions you can imagine, so once we arrived (off a dedicated golf ferry) I wasn’t phased by the changes in the course elevation, nor the restricted landing areas off the tee. Not even the steep valleys or the ever present swirling wind gusts could dampen my enthusiasm.

In fact, before we even teed-off I was distracted by the spectacular views, which were the backdrop to every shot. I was niggled by the frustration of having to hire a buggy – I’m an old-fashioned golfer who believes in walking a course. But in the end I am forced to concede that the buggy is a necessity and a godsend, as it beats having to get my hiking gear on for a 20-minute stomp from the green to the next tee.

Despite all the natural obstacles put in our way, this is one of the best golf courses I’ve ever played. I say this even though we were inaccurate, which resulted in losing a total of 37 balls. Yes, 37! Between three players, over 18 holes!  But it was absolutely worth it, as the fairways were pristine (when I landed a ball on one) and the greens as true as can be.

Every keen golfer needs to give it a go and hats off to anyone who beats 100!

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