Is 60 too old?

Steve is a keen walker but, at 60 years of age, is not sure if he’s up to the challenge of walking Hadrian’s Wall. Age has little to do with it; it’s all about planning before you go.

Q. Steve
I’ve recently started to walk about 5km every day and I’m really enjoying the exercise and experience. Although I’m in my early 60s, consider myself to be quite fit and I would love to walk part of Hadrian’s Wall in the UK but am worried that I may come a cropper. Is it even possible to do so?

Steve, a well-marked trail called Hadrian’s Way runs for 135 km along Hadrian’s Wall, coast to coast across the narrowest part of England. The central section of the trail has the best remaining parts of the wall and is rugged in places, so you need a reasonable fitness level. You can find a comprehensive overview at

According to Mark Haynes of Visit Britain, an experienced walker can do the walk in about seven days. “However, circular walks and shorter trails cater for all abilities and take in many of the great sites and sights along the way,” he adds. “Accommodation is plentiful along the route and, particularly during the summer months, there are companies to help with baggage, bus transfers and group walking.”

Irrespective of walking, I’d highly recommend a visit to Hadrian’s Wall, which includes not just the wall but the excavated Roman forts set in spectacular scenery.

Written by Brian Johnston