Life's simple pleasures

When I was growing up in Scotland we lived so far from the sea that the opportunity to have fish and chips on the beach was rare. And when we did make it to the seaside, we had to wrap up warm, not the best experience.

When faced with entertaining three pre-teens last week, all of whom had just had seven weeks school holiday and were ‘bored’, it was time to get them outside and active. We opted to make the most of the best asset we have nearby, Port Phillip Bay. Now my son was less than enthusiastic at this suggestion, but his two friends were more polite and agreed to our suggestion. So we grabbed some fish and chips, a large blanket and headed to the beach.

It was one of those balmy Melbourne evenings, when the sun was quite low in the sky, but still had some heat to it. As we sat on the blanket, our appetites sated, the kids started to chat about friends, school and some of the funniest things that had happened to them. These ranged from peeing pants, to walking into to windows, not the usual topics which kids trying to be cool often talk about. But it was lovely to see these three adolescents let their guard down and laugh heartily at their own misfortune, as the sun set behind the water.

Too often we take for granted the simple pleasures afforded to us, whether it’s an evening on the beach, a walk in the park, or the view from your own window.