The joy of hobbies

Growing up I remember my mum buying a sewing machine and promising to make the most fabulous clothes you could imagine, she struggled to learn to sew straight. I then remember the time she was going to knit me a fairisle jumper and she was going great guns until she got to the yoke. Now anyone who knows the fairisle pattern will understand that this is whole point of the jumper. Next on her list was making her own Christmas cards, which she promptly gave up on when she realised how much time and effort went into just one card.

The purpose of this is not to simply bash my mother’s failed attempts at being creative but to give reason as to why I have never taken up a hobby. Until now they have just seemed pointless. So, what has driven me to become enthusiastic, to the point of boredom for others, about making window furnishings? Quite simply, economics. Having received a quote for window coverings for my home, I was staggered at how much people could charge for something I was sure I could do myself.

Ok, there is the initial set-up costs, in my case a sewing machine, but some shopping around and looking for deals, I managed to buy one for $150. Next was knowing how to measure the windows, how much material to buy, and then what to do once I got it all home. This is where I have had to enlist the help of a very good friend, although after jamming my sewing machine seven times and asking her to fix it for me, she may not be for long. Donna has become my sewing buddy, and how lovely it is. Hobbies or craft projects can be time consuming and it’s nice to have someone to chat to as you work.

So you may ask, how is the project going? Well, it’s early days and I have two half-finished Roman blinds sitting in my front room, plus the plans for another 15 once these are done. Suddenly my mother’s inability to finish what she started seems to make a lot of sense!

Help me stay on track. Do you have any hints or tips which can make the task at hand more achievable? Or perhaps you have your own tale of achievement to keep me inspired? Why not let me know?

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