Mekong Discoverer Cruise

Vietnam and Cambodia has had a tumultuous, yet colourful past and the stories these south-east Asian countries could tell would blow your mind – as will a luxury cruise on the Mekong.

Ruled by neighbouring Imperial China for a thousand years, Vietnam is also bordered by Laos and Cambodia, and is in the same region as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. While the country enjoys subtle influences from each of these countries, as well as from past French colonists, Vietnam is largely an amazing entity unto itself.

Vietnam has been closely linked to Cambodia not only through proximity, but through a history of conflict and resolution – akin to a family relationship. Linked by the Mekong, Cambodia is home to a heady mix of culture and cuisine tinged by its Buddhist roots, a shade of French colonialism and modern globalisation.

The Mekong River runs through five countries, including Vietnam and Cambodia. The river is known as a biodiverse treasure trove – home to over 1000 animal species, including many once thought to be extinct.

The Mekong hosts bustling trade ports and canals and may have done so since 400BC. It is rich in culture, history, and a vital cog in Vietnam and Cambodia’s economic and spiritual life.

Imagine exploring the magic of the Mekong on a luxury river cruise vessel, touring sacred sites such as royal palaces, temples, cathedrals and homes to huge golden Buddhas. Cruise floating markets in a ‘chauffeured’ sampan; explore the temples at Angkor Wat; wander through the infamous Cu Chi tunnels built by Viet Cong guerrillas; listen to a Vietnamese war veteran explain the strategies that led to victory over Vietnam’s enemies; tour Phnom Penh on a cyclo; visit the Vietnam War Memorial and Cambodia’s National Museum; see the spectacle of the fabulous Cambodian circus, Phare; watch traditional folk dances from Cambodian children’s groups and be blessed by Buddhist monks.

Evergreen Tours’ Discover Mekong Cruise offers all this plus much more:

  • eight-day deluxe Mekong River cruise
  • two nights Ho Chi Minh City and two nights Siem Reap
  • Cu Chi tunnels and floating markets of Cai Be
  • Buddhist water blessing and discover Angkor Wat
  • tour Phnom Penh the royal palace and Cambodia’s National Museum
  • visit The Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
  • 26 meals included.

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