Doggie heaven

Our preference when we travel has always been to leave our dogs with friends because we never enjoyed the thought of them being locked up while we were having a good time. But it isn’t always possible to rely upon the goodwill of friends and neighbours. Last time we were away for an extended period we left Rani, our kelpie, and Monty, our (not quite 100%) maltese at the Coldstream Boarding Kennels. And what a wonderful kennel this proved to be. Both dogs were collected and dropped back by a charming young Irish lady who clearly loved our pets. They were exercised, groomed, and fed well and seemed entirely happy upon their return. Upon investigation, we have learnt that this great facility is owned and operated by the Victorian Animal Aid Trust, so this might give a clue to the high level of professionalism and care. And it gets better. The kennels even encourage a 2-3-day trial stay, so you can see if your pet will be happy during a more extended time away form you.

Coldstream Boarding Kennels, 35 Killara Rd, Coldstream VIC 3770?
Phone: (03) 9739 1988

Haven’t got a pet?
The Animal Aid trust also assists with adoption and training, so it’s a great place to start.

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