More Sex Please… We’re Seniors!

Guess what was the most popular article in the most recent issue of YOURLifeChoices magazine? You got it! What women want – in bed, by sexspert Bettina Arndt. Which proves what we already knew – our readers are a lively bunch, ever eager to improve their relationships. So when we heard about John Michael Howson’s new production, More Sex Please … We’re Seniors!, we knew it would hit the spot with the over-50 theatre-goers. Due to open in Melbourne on October 31, before heading to Perth, Sydney and other capital cities in 2013, the cast is a roll-call of talented actors, including the versatile Jane Clifton, Mark Mitchell (Con the Fruiterer), Tracy Harvey and Michael Veitch.

John Michael was apparently inspired to write More Sex Please… We’re Seniors! after seeing Menopause the Musical. The plot follows the lives of two couples who are living in the Guantanamo Palms retirement village. “ I was inspired by many of my contemporaries and the fact that age has nothing to do with being old. It’s just a state of mind,” says Howson.

We are currently talking to the publicists of this show to see if we can get some giveaways, so keep an eye on YOURLifeChoices enewsletters to see what we can do. Or to ensure you do get to see this fabulous show, why not book online now

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