Annual Click Frenzy travel deal extravaganza on 26 Feb

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The annual Click Frenzy travel sale takes place on 26 February and this year’s event promises to deliver deals unlike any you’ll see all year.

Click Frenzy are expecting 1.2 million visitors this year, which will be the first to extend beyond the typical 24 hours. It will run from 7pm Tuesday 26 February (AEDT) to midnight Wednesday 27th February.

The 29-hour online travel shopping extravaganza will showcase more than 500 deals on flights, accommodation, packages, tours and more.

A record number of brands are involved this year including Webjet, Australia’s largest online travel agent.

Webjet Exclusive general manager Brendan Sawyers shares his tips for taking advantage of this mega sale and offers a sneak peek into the deals that will be available ahead of time.

Which destinations will have the biggest sales?
“The biggest sales are usually seen in destinations that have increased competition. So, places such as the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, which have lots of new hotel properties coming online has led to really competitive price points in these regions,” says Mr Sawyers.

“Also, destinations such as Bali that rely on Australian tourism are likely to have great deals to keep the regular year-round flow of Aussies.”

Here’s a sneak preview of the types of deals exclusive to Click Frenzy that you can expect.

10-day Incredible China tour including flights from $699
An international holiday for under $70 a day. including return flights, all main attractions, bullet train experience, breakfast daily plus five lunches, tour guides and more

Seven-day Highlights of Northern Vietnam tour from $499 (not including flights)
This deal includes accommodation, all main attractions, bullet train experience, breakfast daily plus five lunches, tour guides and more

10-day Singapore and all-inclusive Maldives package including flights from $2999
One of Webjet’s best-selling packages will be on sale. This package provides a ‘best of both worlds’ holiday, with an exciting city stay plus an all-inclusive Maldives beach break.

Including return Singapore Airlines flights, five-star accommodation at Marina Mandarin Singapore including full buffet breakfast, a stay at the award-winning Adaaran Select Meedhupparu with an all-inclusive food and drinks package, this deal will go fast.

What should shoppers consider?
“Some deals tend to offer greater discounts by travelling in shoulder and low seasons away from school holiday periods where hoteliers become somewhat more reliant on value to drive bookings,” says Mr Sawyers.

“For example, the tropics are frequently on sale during wet seasons so if you can stand some humidity and a tropical shower or two then it’s great value, but you just need to think about what experience you want and what’s worth your dollars.”

How can shoppers prepare?
“Before diving into Click Frenzy Travel, people should consider how much they want to spend and try working their budget back to a cost-per-day. Webjet Exclusives will have international holiday packages on offer like our 10-day China deal from $699 which is as little as $70 a day,” says Mr Sawyers.

“Also, consider what payment options are available. For most Webjet Exclusives’ tours, you just need to pay a low deposit to confirm your spot so you can snatch a great bargain today and finalise payments at a later date.”

Head to and get ready for the travel sale of the year.

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    Webjet is a middle man. Go directly to the airlines if you want the same or better deal.
    In all honesty we have never been able to get a good deal from Webjet but have ended up with FlightCentre several times when we could not find our own deal on the airline websites.
    Its a game and you have to be patient but persistent.



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