Travelling with pre-existing medical conditions

Travelling with a pre-existing medical condition can affect your coverage.

note asking if medical conditions are covered?

Whether you are looking for travel insurance for seniors, your whole family or travelling alone, this information will help you understand how travelling with a pre-existing medical condition can affect your coverage.

What does a pre-existing condition mean?
Pre-existing medical conditions are any illnesses or conditions that could affect your eligibility for medical cover under your travel insurance policy.

How will it be determined if my condition will be approved?
Some insurers will perform a quick assessment of your medical conditions via a short questionnaire online or over the phone and some will require medical certificates and/or physical evaluation. After the assessment, your insurer will be able to tell you whether they can provide you with travel insurance cover for your specific condition or whether additional premium is required.

What if I’m waiting on medical tests/results?
It’s a good idea to wait until you receive any medical results or surgery before you organise your travel or purchase a travel insurance policy. Otherwise, it may not be possible to obtain cover.

What if my condition(s) change between the time I purchase the policy and the time I leave for my trip?
This circumstance can be common for seniors or anyone else who purchases travel insurance early on. If your circumstances change, you need to inform your insurer right away. If you don’t, any claims you make in future may not be valid.

If you are in doubt about any of the medical requirements, limits or levels of cover in your travel insurance policy, ensure you read your Product Disclosure Statement properly before you purchase.

With InsureandGo Travel Insurance, we consider all pre-existing medical conditions online or over the phone, with no certificates required upon application. Learn more at or phone 1300 552 701.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, ABN 49 000 525 637, issues InsureandGo Travel Insurance (the insurance). Please read the combined product disclosure statement and financial services guide available at to decide if the insurance is right for you.


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    19th Jun 2016
    None of the above really clarifies what exactly is, a "pre-existing medical condition".
    My wife has two artificial knees, yet we have never mentioned them as a "pre-existing medical condition".
    I often wonder if we should, as they do have the potential to fail or give trouble, and therefore cost the insurance company.
    Has anyone else raised the subject of artificial joints in travel insurance applications?
    Tom Tank
    19th Jun 2016
    To the best of my knowledge these are not subject to "pre-existing" conditions of travel altho' I guess it could depend upon the policy.
    As a side note on these I always wear easily removable and replaceable shoes now as I always trigger the security alarms and am always asked "hips or knees" as they are so common on people of my age. I now take my shoes off before going through the screening device to save time.
    19th Jun 2016
    I travelled 18 months ago 6b months after my second hip replacement 18 months after the first one. I declared both I had to for the first one plus I had to have a doctors letter saying I was ok to travel.
    Yes replaced joints can fail or give trouble at any time. I was in hospital with a lady whose hip had dislocated after 5 years.
    My advise declare it. I had trouble getting it but RACQ Travel Insurance did. Cost me more but better to be safe than sorry
    19th Jun 2016
    Sept 2015 we had booked a cruise and a 6 day stay at end of cruise. I purchased from this company Insurengo on their consultants advice, a one trip policy.
    At no time did this man offer or suggest that we would need A Cruise policy.
    Unfortunately my husband became very ill. I did what was asked in paper work from them, and asked our daughter in Australia to contact them as they needed to know. Daughter was treated wonderfully by consultant, who was ready to ok for my husband to be evacuated from ship. Fortunately this was not needed.
    On return I lodged all receipts for several thousand $$$.
    Now to be told we were not covered.
    I reiterate, policy taken on their consultants advice.
    If we weren't covered why was evacuation an option.
    Presently going through the process of them reviewing our claim.
    I will fight them to the end.
    My advice is....stay away from InsurenGo,
    19th Jun 2016
    Thank you for sharing this experience. Best of luck with your claim. I cannot understand how the consultant sold you a policy that was practically useless !
    20th Jun 2016
    If the Insurengo consultant recommended a one trip policy, and they knew you were doing a cruise and a 6 day stay afterwards, then the product recommended was not fit for purpose. I would suggest that they are liable, as you requested insurance and that's what they recommended.

    Regardless how nice the consultants are, they can't really fob you off. I'd suggest you tell them that perhaps you'd like Fair Trading to become involved.
    Ageing but not getting old
    19th Jun 2016
    I had a (I suppose) unusual problem arise in 2014 when I went to the US for a visit. Amongst my health issues is sleep apnoea, for which I use a C-PAP machine. They advise using distilled water in them (which is what I use at home), and I packed some water to use during the longest leg of the trip (14 hours). However, I had to go through a really difficult time about taking the relatively small amount of the distilled water (about 1 cup). Under the 'new' security procedures, you're not allowed to take liquids like that onto the plane with you. The way back was worse; even though I had a doctor's note on letterhead stating that I used the C-PAP machine & used dist. water, and offering to open the container I had for the water for them to smell/test etc, or for ME to take a drink of the water in front of them, it took a considerable amount of time and multiple people to explain it to to get the OK. At the time I was a 64 yo women having to use a walking stick (which was x-rayed OK). I can't imagine that I'd fit a terrorist profile of any sort.... While I'm glad they are taking care to screen out any potential problems, it was a right royal pain in the posterior! Any suggestions as to what else I can do in the future if I want to travel with the C-PAP overseas again (while still preferring to use distilled water?)
    20th Jun 2016
    Can't you just use boiled water (same as distilled)!
    20th Jun 2016
    Question is: are you hooked up to the machine 24/7 or do you connect when you try to sleep? I'm 83 and also use a CPAP machine but if I need water on board the plane, I just ask for a bottle of water. No problem.
    Ageing but not getting old
    21st Jun 2016
    To Marjie & Mutley: Thanks for your responses/questions: I only use the CPAP machine when I sleep; the flights were so long (25 hours in total, with longest leg 14 hours) that I knew I would want to sleep at some point (as did most of the other passengers) but didn't want to disturb others with snoring/snorting etc. as well as wanting to sleep more soundly if possible.
    Insofar as the water itself, the 'cleanest' water they would have on board is bottled water, which is fine for drinking, but not quite as good as distilled for machinery/electronics etc. I looked up the difference between boiled & distilled water: Distilled water is boiled long enough to turn it into steam. The steam vapour is cooled and the remaining water is recovered. All chemicals, heavy metals, etc escape with the remaining steam. All that is left is pure water.
    Spring water is water that has been drawn from either melted snow or streams. It is chemically treated to sanitize it.
    Boiled water is usually tap water that has been boiled for at least 15 minutes to sterilize it. It still contains chemicals and heavy metals, etc. But bacteria has been removed.
    So like tap/shower water, the minerals are still there. You know that shower heads & kettles may need to occasionally be 'descaled' which gets rid of chemical/mineral residue (CLR, anyone?). It keeps the CPAP 'healthier' longer. Yes, I suppose I could go for one day on an airline's spring water, but I just prefer the distilled.
    9th Jul 2016
    What other people may not realise is that the manufacturer states that distilled water should be used for the reasons you have stated.
    I know of 2 people using them.
    I am not sure if using other water would effect your warranty.
    Susie Q
    19th Jun 2016
    We purchased travel insurance from InsureandGo in February for our trip to Alaska in the 1st week in July.
    I paid extra for my pre existing medical conditions but since then have been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation.
    I rang them when I was diagnosed and now they won't cover any pre existing medical conditions.
    They said they would refund the extra amount but not the whole policy and they won't cover me.
    We have been on numerous cruises and travelled overseas quite a few times, we always used InsureandGo. We have never claimed from them when we could have on one particular cruise when my husband was very ill.
    We are now in the predicament of having no insurance to cover this.
    If anyone has any answers to this I would be very grateful.
    19th Jun 2016
    I have a pre-existing medical condition and travel overseas every year. I use Covermore and although expensive, especially when paying a premium for the medical condition cover, they have been there to help me when I have needed them. I know of another man who uses them too and he has arterial fibrillation.
    9th Jul 2016
    If they won't cover you for nay pre-existing conditions at all, you should be entitled to a refund for the charge for it.
    Thai Traveller
    19th Jun 2016
    I find it annoying to have travelled with AirAsia for a number of years, and have taken out their insurance every time. However, as soon as my 75th birthday arrived, all that was withdrawn.

    They're happy to have me travel with them, but not insured.
    21st Jun 2016
    My husband had a bi-lateral pulmonary embolism in Barcelona in 2014 and survived. Our travel insurance company Covermore paid all his hospital bills( he spent 1 month in ICU ward)& an excellent nurse to fly him home in business class. Well worth the cost. We totally recommend Covermore
    Susie Q
    21st Jun 2016
    Because I have been diagnosed in the last 12 months nobody will insure me for pre existing conditions.
    9th Jul 2016
    It depends on the condition whether or not you can get any cover at all or not. It may also depend on the insurance company.
    Is your condition controlled by medication? Would they accept a letter from your treating medical professional.

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