Travel insurance for older Australians: tips for buying travel insurance

Travel insurance for older Australians: tips for buying travel insurance.

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Whether you are embarking on a tour, a cruise or a self-guided holiday, travelling as a senior can be a wonderful way to enjoy your life – and it is important to make sure that the level of travel insurance you purchase is suited to your trip and individual needs.

InsureandGo works with many older travellers each year to organise comprehensive and affordable travel insurance.

Age limits
Many travel insurance providers will have a limit as to what age they will cover you for (e.g. up to 100 years), so make sure you check the age limit of your policy.

Pre-existing medical conditions
It is vital that you disclose all pre-existing medical conditions when purchasing your policy and also let your insurer know if you are waiting on any test results or treatments/surgery.

If you are looking for a quick sign-up process, some insurers do not require medical certificates or paperwork from you until you need to make a claim. This can make purchasing your senior travel insurance much easier.

Travel duration
If you are over a certain age (e.g. 65 years), some travel policies may only cover you for a certain length of travel time, such as three months. Make sure you check this in your policy to ensure you are covered for the entire duration of your trip.

Everyone, including seniors, should make sure that their travel insurance covers them for all their destinations. If you are going on a cruise or tour, remember that your destinations include any place that you stop or dock at, even temporarily.

You may need to cancel your travel plans unexpectedly. For this reason, it can be a good idea to check that your travel insurance policy covers you for emergency cancellations. Some policies can also include cover if an emergency happens while you are travelling and you need to return home.

Baggage and valuables
The right travel insurance can mean that your holiday won’t be dampened by lost, stolen or delayed baggage/belongings. You’ll be able to seek compensation if something unfortunate occurs.

If your possessions are lost or stolen, make sure you report this as soon as possible to the local police (or to your carrier, if your items were lost in transit) and obtain a report from them. You’ll then need to provide this report when making your claim.

Activities and equipment
If you plan to engage in certain activities during your travels, it is in your best interests to check that these activities are covered by your policy. If you will be participating in a sport, like golf or skiing, you may also want to consider upgrading your policy so that you are covered for any gear you hire, as well as any related injuries or illnesses.

Further tips when buying seniors’ travel insurance:

  • consider discussing your travel plans with your doctor before making any bookings
  • make sure you understand all conditions and exclusions in your policy; don’t let anyone push you into buying before you’ve read and understood your Product Disclosure Statement
  • consider limiting which valuables you take with you in order to keep your insurance premiums down.

Are you travelling soon? InsureandGo offers comprehensive travel insurance cover and considers all pre-existing conditions with no certificates required. Learn more at or phone 1300 552 701. As a YourLifeChoices’ subscriber, you can get 10 per cent off InsureandGo Travel Insurance. 

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, ABN 49 000 525 637, issues InsureandGo Travel Insurance (the insurance). Please read the combined product disclosure statement and financial services guide available at to decide if the insurance is right for you.


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    28th Oct 2017
    Interesting to know that you're not covered for high blood pressure, diabetes & asthma if you've been treated for it in the previous 5 years!!

    At least some other policies allow you to have treated and stable conditions like high blood pressure, asthma & diabetes.

    I'm definitely not going to take out one of these policies!

    The information below is taken directly from their policy document @
    Travel Insurance
    – Product Disclosure Statement PAGE 16
    What you are covered for
    What you are not covered for!
    Important information
    ? Definitions relating to this section
    General exclusions apply to all sections of this policy.

    What you are not covered for
    1. Any claims if at the time you take out this insurance and/or prior to you booking any single trip the following apply: (This is unless you have told InsureandGoTravel Insurance
    about your condition and we have accepted it. Phone us on 1300 401 177 to find out more).
    We will not cover claims if you or any insured person on your policy has in the last 5 years:
    suffered from or received medical advice, treatment or medication for:
    - any heart related, blood circulatory or diabetic condition; or
    - any neurological condition (including stroke, brain haemorrhage or epilepsy);
    - any breathing condition;
    - any psychiatric or psychological condition (including anxiety or depression);
    - had treatment or hospital tests for cancer in the last five years; or
    - been referred to or seen by a hospital doctor, specialist or surgeon (other than an accident or emergency doctor), or needed inpatient treatment in hospital in the last 12 months."
    29th Oct 2017
    Thanks for that SuziJ :) I am/was going to check them out (with the possible 10% discount) and compare with our regular (usual) provider as we are not adverse to shopping around to save more for our destinations :) My BP has been stable and controlled nicely for almost thirty years with medication so will ONLY look further into their offer(s) if I receive, in writing, their favourable acceptance of that fact :)

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