Cheapest flights to anywhere

Did you know that you can search for flights by cost, rather than destination? If you’re working to a budget, why not discover how you can find the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world?

Some people have particular destinations in mind when they start planning a holiday. But for others, it can be a real adventure to explore somewhere new and unexpected. If you are working on a tight budget, a little flexibility can go a long way. Being prepared to travel during off-peak times, or take flights during the working week can significantly reduce the cost of your flights. Similarly, if you are flexible with your destination, you can search for the lowest cost airfares to anywhere in the world – letting you work to a budget – rather than a location.

So, how does it work? The Skyscanner website has a couple of nifty hidden features that allow you to perform this search. When you get to the Skyscanner homepage, there is a box for you to search for flights. Put your nearest airport into the ‘From’ field, but instead of typing a destination into the ‘To’ field, type the word ‘Everywhere’. 

Next, when choosing departure dates, click the arrows to arrive on a month, and then look below the calendar. Select the option ‘Whole month’. There is also an option for ‘Whole year’, but the further into the future you search the less likely you are to pick up on a flight sale.

Select the number of passengers and then click ‘Search’. What you end up with is a list of countries, and the cheapest possible return tickets to those destinations. For example, our search showed that we could fly from Melbourne to New Zealand return for $250, to Singapore for $267 or to or to the USA for $786.

These prices will only be available on limited days, but they are almost half the price of standard flights, and this can be a great way to go somewhere unexpected at a very low cost.

Why not share your tips for getting the lowest priced airfares? 

Written by Debbie McTaggart