Devious designs from Emirates and terrible treatment by United

Some devious designs from Emirates and terrible treatment of a passenger by United.

Devious designs from Emirates and terrible treatment by United

Emirates rocked the travel world last week, with news that the airline was planning to release a jumbo jumbo jet complete with a games room, park for the kids and a swimming pool.

Emirates has long been an innovator in the airline world, having been the first to offer shower facilities in a plane, and the two-bedroom ‘residence’, which costs the equivalent of a small house deposit.

So, when the news came out on 1 April, many people thought it may not be so far-fetched. I’ll be the first to admit that the airline had me fooled for about five minutes. That was until I began to do the maths in my head, you know, how much all that water would weigh and how the plane would get off the ground.

Yes, as much as it would be nice to believe, this was an elaborate, and funny, April Fool’s joke. So, no pools on planes for you, people. No pools on plane.

Shame on you, United ... 
From pools on planes to being pulled from a plane (when you say it out loud it sounds better) – this 69-year-old doctor should certainly see a nice settlement after his mistreatment by United Airlines earlier this week.

It’s worth remembering that, although you may have bought the ticket and you may already be seated on the plane but as long as they offer sufficient compensation (up to US$1350), an airline can legally bump you from any flight. Now, it probably shouldn’t happen like this:

But it can happen.

And since this United Airlines PR nightmare (rightfully so), tweets about the airline's new seating plans have been going viral.

We know it’s wrong, but you must praise the comedic ingénue who put this together.

Still, shame on you, United …



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    15th Apr 2017
    There was a time where the airline offered anyone who wanted to delay their flight special accommodation and a meal - I think they are going to find that would have been an awful lot cheaper.
    Reminds me of the movie "The Fockers". - and so begins the Trump era - Aggressive and dispassionate.
    15th Apr 2017
    It wasn't an overbooked flight - United decided to put up to 4 employees from another airline onto the flight, and kick off 4 passengers - understandably, no-one volunteered so the decision was made for them. One can only wonder why these employees were so important that they had to have priority over already seated passengers, whether anyone from First Class was told to get off the plane to make way for them, and how comfortable the trip was for said employees with the whole plane in an uproar over the callous treatment of this elderly doctor. Shame on you, United Airlines!
    17th Apr 2017
    I would never EVER use that airline after this.

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