Future of outdoor lighting

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First came lanterns and then there were torches. And now thanks to new technology, the 02Tech Smart Lantern is lighting the way.

Combining the latest smart technology and cutting edge design, the outdoor lantern of the future is here. Amazed by the lack of modern outdoor equipment available, the team at 02Tech took matters into their own hands to create the ‘World’s Smartest Outdoor Lantern’.

With Bluetooth connection, you can control it from a distance, changing the brightness, choosing from over 16 million colours, and setting it to flash, all from an app on your smartphone. The lanterns even come with weather sensors, measuring temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, which can alert you to possible changes in weather.

With a built-in USB port to charge your phone or other devices, a rechargeable lithium ion power bank or four D-sized batteries power the Smart Lantern, providing it with eight nights’ usage at high power or up to thirty at low power.

And while it may sound fragile, the Smart Lantern is surprisingly rugged and splash resistant. Don’t be left in the dark on your next outdoor adventure. With the Smart Lantern by your side, the future’s looking bright.

Find out more about the 02Tech Smart Lantern at Indiegogo.

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    🙂 All that lantern info and no promotion to win one! What were they thinking?



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