Qantas reduces points needed for reward flights

Qantas has reduced the number of points needed to book an international fare.

Qantas plane in the sky

Aware that many customers are choosing to book a sale fare rather than spend their hard-earned frequent flyer points on flight redemptions, Qantas has reduced the number of points needed to book an international fare, as well as cutting the associated fees.

Don’t lose your points

Destinations including the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa will now require up to 10 per cent less points for a rewards flight and fees are reduced by up to 40 per cent. This will help to align the cost of reward flights keep pace with the drop in sale fares.

A Sydney to London return fare will now cost 120,000 plus $708 in fees. Of course, you’ll still need to get in early to secure flights on popular routes. Flights on many of Qantas partner airlines will also see a reduction in points and fees, but Business Class flights on the airline remain the same.

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    16th Jan 2016
    I recently booked a return trip to Hawaii, which cost me and my wife 72,000 points PLUS $907 in taxes and charges! And this was with a supposed good discount on the points! The flight was leaving at 6-30pm, which meant we would have got dinner, but one week after booking, they changed the flight to leaving at 10-30pm, saving them a dinner as well. So much for good deals etc. We don't even fly until August, so they have our money for 9 months before the trip.
    16th Jan 2016
    Sucked in! Don't you hate it when you know you have been done over.
    16th Jan 2016
    And of course they deliberately targeted you as they employ a special team to just watch out for pensioners?????
    17th Jan 2016
    Can you change it. The recent quote for a return fare to Hawaii is $511 so all those points plus the taxes seems very expensive.
    16th Jan 2016
    Travel points would have to be one of the biggest cons going. When you look at what you have to spend to get a two bob trip it is not worth it. Am I correct that the cost of the points funded flights are the rack the top rate!
    You are better off using your points for a cash refund and then finding your own flights when they come on special.
    YLC: so what's with the APT pop-up? The add says "View Best Offer" (from possibly the most expensive operator in the market) and then no prices. I smell a marketing con...... Come on guys.
    16th Jan 2016
    How do you get a cash refund. We put everything on the credit card and pay it off in full each month which makes accumulating points easy. However, only use them to visit family interstate. I've never had trouble getting flights and domestic charges are low.
    16th Jan 2016
    Get a Rewards credit card. It costs an annual fee to have this but you have points to either spend or you can redeem for cash back on your card...which is available to spend as you choose.
    Perhaps I should have chosen my words better as the "cash refund" is more like money to spend rather than cash in your wallet. Cheers.
    16th Jan 2016
    Yes Mick. That bluddi pop up can go !! Before they become the norm :(
    16th Jan 2016
    Thanks Mick. All clear
    14th Oct 2017
    Oh dear! Is this a no-news day?? The article is dated 14 January 2016. Does the information still apply?

    Please explain....

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