Qantas upgrades by invitation

New routes and air alliances can mean more travel options. Here’s what’s new in the air and on the ground this week.

Qantas upgrades by invitation

Qantas has launched a new way to upgrade. Called ‘Bid Now Upgrades’, the offer allows you the opportunity to upgrade to Business Class using a combination of Qantas Points and money.

The new upgrade system is available by invitation for selected Qantas flights. If you’re selected, you will be emailed an invitation around seven days before your departure.

A domestic upgrade requires a minimum of 3000 Qantas Points with 5000 the starting point for an international flight. You will also be required to pay a minimum amount of money.

Find out more at Qantas.

United with wifi

United Airlines is set to be the only airline to offer wireless inflight internet access to Australian travellers crossing the Pacific.

The service is due to roll out on all Australian routes by July this year. Sydneysiders currently have around a 60 per cent chance of accessing wifi when bound for the United States, while Melbournians can already enjoy connectivity on United’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to Los Angeles.

The airline is expecting to offer wifi on every mainline flight within America by the end of the year; charges are based on time spent rather than data consumed, with a flight pass currently US$16.99 for as much as you can download from gate to gate.

Find out more at Australian Business Traveller.

Written by SJ