Three gadgets that will revolutionise your packing regimen

These revolutionary packing gadgets mean you’ll never pack the same way again.

Three must-have packing gadgets

Packing the perfect travel bag can be challenging for many travellers, but with these simple, yet revolutionary packing gadgets, you’ll never pack the same way again.

packing cubes

Packing cubes

One of the more difficult tasks to manage when living out of a suitcase or bag is finding the clothes you need in a timely manner. Often, you’ll pull out half your belongings just to find the right pair of shorts. But with these handy little packages, you’ll always have instant access to what you want to wear, without throwing your clothes across the hotel room floor.

Ultralight Packing Cubes come in sets of five, so you can separate your clothes into daily outfits or use one for pants, one for shirts, one for underwear, and so on. And as the name suggests, they weigh very little and so they won’t tip the scales on your baggage allowance.

Available at

Leak-proof bottles

No one likes opening their toiletries bag to find the contents covered in sticky hair gel or slippery hand cream. That’s where these leak-proof squeezable silicone bottles will be your best travel buddy. They’re clear and, to keep airport security happy, they’re the approved size and the labels make what’s inside easily identifiable.

Available at

Dot&Dot electronics organiser

Tangled cables and memory cards hiding in the bottom of your bag will become a problem of the past with the Dot&Dot electronics organiser. You can keep your chargers, SD cards, headphones, cables and any other small gadgets safe and in their place, using the mesh zippered pockets and elastic straps to keep everything snug and safe in this handy, waterproof carry case.

Available at

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    18th Nov 2017
    Biggest problem when traveling is too much clothing and not enough money. If you find when you return home that half your stuff hasn't been used only bring the stuff you used next time.
    18th Nov 2017
    The Electronics organiser looks great. One problem, you can only buy it from that website if you live in the U.S.
    18th Nov 2017
    Plenty of the electronic cable organisers on ebay at a fraction of the price. I only paid a few dollars for mine. I love it.

    18th Nov 2017
    Hotel rooms have wardrobes for you to hand your clothes , drawers to fit your socks and underwear, vanitymird fir your toiletries

    Use them

    Don’t need useless gadgets that only take up room in your suitcase
    Old Geezer
    19th Nov 2017
    Laundry bags are one of the best for organising stuff in your bag.
    29th May 2020
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