Travel gadgets from everyday items

These five everyday items can be turned into clever travel gadgets with just a little bit of creativity.

Shower cap
Turn your shower cap inside out and wrap it around your shoes. You can then pack your shoes without fear of the soles getting dirt on your clothes. When you turn the shower cap out the right way to wear it in the shower, the outside gets clean too.

Dental floss
Opt for a non-minty dental floss and suddenly you’ve got a multipurpose tool at your disposal. You can string it up as a DIY clothesline in a hotel room, use it as durable thread to hold together a split bag in a pinch, or even slice bread and cheese by holding it taut between two hands.

Tic Tac case
A Tic Tac case has multiple uses – it can store and dispense bobby pins with ease, or, for the budding travel photographer, it is a lightweight, water-resistant case in which to store spare SD cards and a backup USB drive.

A sarong isn’t just for around your waist. It can be used as a towel, a privacy curtain, a makeshift bag or a light top sheet in warm weather, when the synthetic bedspread is too sweaty to bear.

Garbage ties
Those wire and paper garbage bag ties could be the difference between losing your passport to a pickpocket, and having a stress-free trip. Simply close your bag and thread the garbage bag tie through both zipper ends. With a few firm twists your bag takes five seconds longer to open, making you an unappealing target for pickpockets on public transport.

Which everyday items do you ‘MacGyver’ into travel gadgets?

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