9th Feb 2017

Why you'll really love these underrated cities

Looking over the rooftops of Glasgow in Scotland, United Kingdom
Leon Della Bosca

Let’s face it: New York is becoming a bit old, London is too cold and everyone’s been to Bali. These underrated cities aren’t on many people’s radars – and we wonder why that’s so.

Regardless, here are some darn good reasons to go.

Glasgow, Scotland
I just asked Debbie how good Glasgow is. Her response: “Is Glasgow good? That’s a ridiculous question…”

Gaelic for ‘dear green place’, Glasgow has more green space than any other city in Scotland. But that’s not all there is to the little-known majesty of Scotland’s second capital. Glaswegians are friendly – we mean, really friendly. And with its fabulous food, jumping music scene and more bars than you could ever hope to visit, it’s difficult to reason why Glasgow is not atop many more bucket lists.

Mexico City, Mexico
Easily one of the world’s most spectacular cities, Mexico City also suffers one of the world’s worst reputations, which is a shame, because those days are well behind this vibrant cultural capital. The reality is that it’s a hotbed of artists, fine food, museums, galleries and breathtaking architecture. There is music in the air, and murals of Diego Rivera and the artwork of Frida Kahlo abound. Mexico City truly wears its heart on its sleeve. So, if you’re looking for a truly colourful, cultural experience that’s super-affordable (once you’re there), then this South American city is a must-visit.

Adelaide, Australia
This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Australia’s most underrated city – Adelaide. And, as we’ve said before, there’s so much more to Adelaide than the Barossa Valley – although that’s well and truly worth a visit, too. The City of Churches has a burgeoning food scene, a thriving live music milieu and enough stunning countryside to keep your eyes peeled for weeks. Head to the hills at Hahndorf for some of the world’s finest chocolate, or mosey on down to Moana for a day at SA’s favourite beach. There’s so much to do we could write an entire article about it. Oh, wait, we did!

Do you know of any underrated cities? Why not share your tips with our members?

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15th Feb 2017
You can add Boston to that list of underrated cities. Living in the shadow of the Big Apple means Boston doesn't get the attention it deserves. I grew up and went to uni there and recently went back for an extended visit. It's charming, friendly and it surrounds you with so much to see and do, from the architecture to the arts and of course the history. Don't miss it if you're in that part of the world.
15th Feb 2017
I agree 4065.
Boston was my first step-off in the US and I loved it. I was there during the summer break, so was able to hang out with all the townies, who were just so welcoming and cool. We were lucky to stay on campus at Boston College for a week, which was great. It's a cool, calm and cultural place that should be on your map if you go to the States. I felt very safe there too.
15th Feb 2017
I totally agree about Adelaide. It's a beautiful city and the Adelaide Hills are terrific! Lots to see and do and the Hahndorf food is great.
On a 38 degree day in Adelaide, it only seemed like about 20-25 due to the dryness of the atmosphere. 38 in Brisbane would have melted us!
In the city itself is a park that has a stream and waterfalls - so peaceful. Those Central Markets are the place to get good food at low cost and the selection and variety to choose from is huge.
Yep, I LOVE Adelaide!
15th Feb 2017
the real beauty of Adelaide is, if your in Australia you don't have to go through bloody customs and passport control to get here, as well as all it's other good points.
15th Feb 2017
I agree about Glasgow. The people are great. Stand looking at a tourist map and someone will approach and offer help/advice. Edinburgh is nice but give me Glasgow.
Another city that I thought was an absolute knockout was Ljubljana (Loo/blee/ana), capital of Slovenia. The country is superb, and its capital is wonderful.
16th Feb 2017
Neil, have to agree with Ljubljana, very beautiful, as is the rest of Slovenia.

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