Travel one-way through NZ for $1

Ever wondered what happens to the rental cars that are driven from one side of the country to another? How do car-rental companies get those cars back to the depot?

Well, one may assume that they use a truck to relocate the vehicle, but that can be quite expensive. That’s why car rental companies came up with a ‘one-way’ deal that benefits both them and any would-be travellers wanting to take a cross-country road trip.

One-way deals give you the opportunity to relocate the vehicles for a car rental company at a ridiculously low price. All you have to do is find a pick-up and drop-off location that suits your travel plans and both parties benefit.

man on a solo road trip in new zealand

For a limited time, Europcar is offering an amazing inter-island one-way deal on car rentals. Yep, for as little as $1, you can book a one-way rental, picking up a car on the South Island and dropping it off on the North Island, crossing the islands via ferry. Even the ferry cost of the vehicle is included in that crazy $1 rental fee.

There are some costs that are not included in the $1 fee, but you can find out all about them at

This one-way deal is only valid for Queenstown to Auckland or Christchurch to Auckland routes.

Written by Leon Della Bosca

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