Travel Q&A

Which pre-existing conditions do I have to declare?

Sam is confused by what constitutes a pre-existing condition for her travel insurance.

Travel SOS: Top five travel dilemmas of 2020

This was a year like no other, which presented many travel problems we hadn't seen befo

Travel SOS: Is there a way I can go on a tiny house holiday?

Steve has seen a documentary on tiny houses and wonders if they are a good holiday opti

Travel SOS: All you need to know about flexible travel

We explain the new rules around about flexible travel booking travel.

How does Centrelink assess caravans or campervans?

Now that borders are opening around Australia, Brian is planning to live life on the ro

Tips for staying focused and fresh on long road trips

Poor sleep or sleep apnoea sufferer? These tips will get you to your destination.

Flight Centre CEO talks all things travel with YourLifeChoices

Travel expert James Kavanagh tells us what's next for domestic travel.

Travel SOS: Your top 10 coronavirus questions answered

People are keen to start travelling again, but they have a lot of questions.

Website helps you track travel restrictions during the pandemic

David thinks booking travel will be difficult when borders reopen.

Travel SOS: Will quarantine hotels ever be safe again?

Hugh is thinking about travel but is nervous about hotel stays.

What is the point of travel insurance if it won’t cover COVID-19?

John has been burnt by his COVID-19 travel insurance experience.

Are there new rules for COVID-19 cancellations?

Sam is planning a trip to north Queensland but is worried about his rights if things ch

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