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Has North Korea become mellow enough to visit?

The worldview of North Korea is changing, but Australians shouldn't visit just yet.

Travel SOS: when should I buy travel insurance?

Buying travel insurance last minute can leave you without cancellation cover.

Why a repositioning cruise may be the best value voyage

Manuela wants to know how repositioning cruises work.

Travel SOS: Help me not want to strangle my grandkids

Taking your grandkids on holiday can be rewarding, but you have to plan ahead.

Australians advised to reconsider travel to Russia

Australian Government urges World Cup fans to reconsider travel to Russia.

Travel SOS: Is there an Australian embassy in every country?

Susan is travelling through Europe and is worried about what to do if there is no embassy.

Travel SOS: How to keep your passport safe

Mel wants to know how to keep her passport safe when she's in China.

Travel SOS: What happens if you miss your connecting flight?

Harvey wants to know what will happen if he misses his connecting flight.

Travel SOS: The best ways to book shore excursions

The pros and cons of booking shore excursions onboard and ashore.

Travel SOS: Where can I holiday to escape my heat rash?

Wherever Sam travels, his heat rash follows. Where can he go to escape it?

Travel SOS: Will my tablet be confiscated when I go to the US?

Will Bob's tablet be confiscated when he arrives in the US from Morocco?

Are Eurail passes as good a deal as they’re made out to be?

Jeremy has asked if Eurail passes are the cheapest way to travel around Europe.

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