Travel Q&A

Travel Q&A: why do I have to pull up the shades when we land?

William wants to know why he was asked to pull up the shades the last time he flew.

Travel SOS: the ups and downs of basic economy

Is there more to basic economy than just saving money? Is it worth it?

Travel SOS: a tip that will save you heaps of cash on holiday

Frank wants to know if he should convert to home currency when paying.

Travel SOS: how do you bid for a flight upgrade?

Lynne wants to know how bidding for a flight upgrade works.

Travel SOS: Aussie beaches that allow you to camp

Grab those tent pegs because we've got a list of the Aussie beaches where you can camp.

Travel SOS: crash data reveals the safest seat on a plane

In Travel SOS, Pam has asked Leon if there is a safest seat on the plane.

Travel SOS: should you upgrade your cabin to a balcony suite?

Ainslee wants to know if it's worth upgrading her cruise ship cabin to a balcony suite.

Travel SOS: do you need an international driving permit?

Here's Leon's lowdown on international driving permits.

Travel SOS: what are your rights when flights are grounded?

We answer a few questions about what happens when your flight is cancelled or delayed.

Managing money while travelling

Graeme's Travel SOS is all about how best to handle his finances while travelling.

Travel SOS: can you get cheap upgrades to business class?

Jean wants to know if she can upgrade to business class without paying a fortune.

Travel SOS: Perry Morcombe offers his take on limited mobility travel

Perry Morcombe offers his insider tips on travelling with limited mobility.

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