Travel Q&A

Travel SOS: is it safe to go to Barcelona?

Alma wants to know if it's safe to visit her family in Barcelona.

Travel SOS: why are there still ashtrays in airplanes?

Brian wants to know why there are still ashtrays in airplanes.

Travel SOS: Why are there holes in plane windows?

Joel wants to know about the purpose served by the holes in plane windows.

Travel SOS: how do house-swap holidays work?

In Travel SOS, Leon goes though the basics of house-swap holidays.

Travel SOS: can a holiday save your marriage?

Geraldine wants to know if it's wise to try a make-or-break holiday to save her marriage.

Travel SOS: what are the benefits of being bumped off my flight?

Marta wants to know why people volunteer to be bumped from their flight.

Travel SOS: is three weeks and $2000 enough to tour Vietnam?

Tom wants to know if three weeks and $2000 is enough to tour Vietnam.

Travelling overseas with ashes

If you're planning to travel overseas with ashes, what permissions do you need to have in place?

Travel SOS: what if I don’t like my Airbnb accommodation?

Barbara asks what to do if she doesn't like the Airbnb place she's booked. Lee Mylne investigates.

Travel SOS: how can I find inexpensive accommodation in Hawaii?

Is there such a thing as inexpensive hotels in Hawaii?

Travel SOS: affordable business class upgrades

Kay O'Sullivan has some pointers on how to grab a business class bargain.

Travel SOS: do I save money by booking directly?

Is it cheaper to book it directly or through a third party?

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