Travel Q&A

Canada’s new visa rules

Canada has made changes to its tourist entry process.

What to do on a long stopover

We have some suggestions on what Maureen can do at KL airport.

Avoiding car hire problems

Don't fall foul of common car hire problems.

How to make your partner happy

What can Geoff do to ensure he and his wife both have a happy holiday?

Best time to book airline tickets

Booking airfares can be a confusing business.

Exploring the glorious Kimberley

Julie has her heart set on a trip to the Kimberley.

Am I too old to hire a car?

Fey wants to know if she's too old to hire a car.

Spreading the cost of a holiday

In this week's Travel SOS, we look at ways that Lynne can spread the cost of her travel.

What’s in Noni’s bag?

Noni Hazlehurst takes some time out to share her take on travel.

Travel SOS: Broome on a budget

We have some money saving ideas to make Broome a little more affordable.

Should you change your travel plans?

Many travellers have started to think whether they should cancel their travel plans.

What to do in Amsterdam

Jane wants to know how long she should spend in Amsterdam.

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