Travel Q&A

Frequent flyer: what’s in the bag?

We unpack what frequent flyer SJ packs in her carry on luggage.

Planning your own dream holiday

Val needs some advice on planning her own dream holiday.

Travel SOS: seven days in Japan

In Travel SOS, Lee Mylne shares her top tips for the best things to do in Japan.

Choosing an ethical safari

How can you be sure that the safari you choose is ethical?

Travel SOS: US celebrity tours

Lee Mylne advises Mary on the best Hollywood celebrity tours.

How an app helped Kay out of a jam

Kay O'Sullivan recently had her own travel SOS, but this handy app saved her.

Travel SOS: Beyond Auckland

Lee Mylne helps John with his New Zealand North Island itinerary.

Are city passes good value?

Are city passes and other discount cards a tourist trap or a good deal?

Stopovers: Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

Stopovers are great for breaking up long-haul flights.

Stopovers: Hong Kong or Singapore?

Where should you spend your Asian stopover?

Is it safe to visit Italy?

In this Travel SOS, we outline what Euan should consider before he goes to Italy.

Travel SOS: farmstay experiences

Lee Mylne advises Marie on where she can unleash her inner cowgirl at a farmstay.

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