Travel Q&A

How to get the best summer deals

June is looking for some peace and quiet for Christmas this year - at a reasonable price.

Travel SOS – Driving in Spain

Who wouldn't want to jump in a car and drive through Spain?

Travel SOS – No more bill shock

How can you avoid coming back from overseas to a massive phone bill?

Living the Tuscan dream

Jane wants to know if it is safe to be driving through Tuscany on her own.

What to do on a Hong Kong layover

If you've got limited time on a layover, planning is key to enjoying your trip.

Best fares on Spirit

Getting to Tassie is easy, working out the best fare on the Spirit is not.

Are two one way tickets cheaper?

Is purchasing two one-way tickets actually cheaper than flying return?

Do cookies affect airfares?

Trudy thinks that tracking cookies may be upping the fares which she's being served online.

Travelling in Mongolia

Kay O'Sullivan explores the tour options in Mongolia for the adventurous Maree.

Transiting through Sydney

How long does it take from Sydney's domestic terminals to the international terminal?

Indonesia fee-free visa update

There is still some doubt as to whether Australians will be able to travel visa-fee free.

Booking airfares

Airfares are on the radar for this week's Travel SOS with Kay O'Sullivan.

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